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Want to look and feel great this Christmas? THE SPA @ SUITES HOTEL  is here to help.

In September Suites Hotel opened an exclusive Spa offering the ultimate in opulence and indulgence. Our new spa is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Everything you could possibly ask for in luxurious pampering in stunning new surroundings. A variety of treatments and packages have been created with Decléor and Carita, perfect for any occasion.

Carita has been synonymous with luxury and youthful beauty for 70 radiant years, being one of the best kept secrets of many celebrities.

Carita today represents unostentatious glamour, marked by refinement sophistication and simplicity present within the texture and substance of its products. The Spa @ Suites Hotel are proud to be the only spa in Liverpool, Merseyside that provide the opulence of Carita.


Carita is an anti-ageing specialist based on cutting-edge, avant-garde technology, demonstrating its originality with its Global beauty concept – face, body and hair.

But what is the history behind this exclusive luxury brand Carita?

It all began over 70 years ago with two visionary sisters, Maria and Rosy Carita. Over turning the conventional beauty ideals, they were able to develop innovative and unique products. In 1945 they set up their salon at 5 Rue du Faubourg St Honore, before creating the legendary setting of The House of Beauty at 11 rue du Fauborug St Honore,  becoming the leading female hairstylists in Paris.


Very quickly, their creativity and daring led them to collaborate with the young avant-garde fashion designers of the age, the future top names in French Haute Couture. Their expertise and flair won over the stars in search of something innovative.

Carita sisters have bestowed a unique, intact heritage: a beauty brand of global repute, whose conceptual originality lies in the perfect combination of luxury, femininity and the skill of top beauty professionals.

Carita Cinetic

Cinetic Lift is a revolution to non-surgical anti-aging.

Cinetic Lift Expert is the result of Caritas unique expertise in micro-currents, developed over a period of more than 20 years, combined with new technologies such as luminotheraphy and ultrasonic micromassage as well as new accessories to deliver a sensation of wellbeing exceptional performance and visible and lasting results on the skin and the scalp.

The alternative to cosmetic surgery. The exclusive combination of Microcurrents, ultrasound & LED futuristic technologies, for dramatic visible results after just 1 treatment. Tailored expert solutions dedicated to individual skin concerns, Cinetic treatments truly deliver the ultimate results in correcting, lifting and firming.
@Suites Spa we have a number of treatments with the renowned Cinetic Lift to make your skin feel and look renewed this Christmas.

Precious Diamond Treatment

With a fusion of plants and diamonds this exquisite luxurious treatment uses unprecented products which contain a fusion of plants and diamonds to stimulate cell renewal and prolong the youth of the skin with a  new lease of life. Intensely transformed skin is deeply regenerated and visibly flawless, firmer with ultimate clarity and luminosity. A truly unforgettable experience that finishes with a glass of champagne and some tasty trust served in our Relaxation Suites. * Courses available, please ask a member of the spa team for more details.

Treatments 1hr 45 mins £145

Reawaken skins youthfulness and recapture its vitality. With this truly radiance inducing treatme4nt which leaves the fascial contours fiemr and even toned thanks to CARITA bespoke anti-aging massage techniques and Mineral Gold which leaves the skin glowing. With a glass of champagne and some tasty treats served to you in our Relaxation Suites. * Courses available, please ask a member of the spa team for more details.

Teatment 1 hr 45 mins £115



With a fusion of plants and diamonds a powerful luxurious eye treatment, to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as eliminate dark circles and puffiness. Transform and reawaken the eye contour with a new lease of sparkle. Finishing with a glass of champagne and some tasty treats served to you in our Relaxation Suite. *Courses available, please ask a member of the spa team for more details.

Treatment 45 mins. £55

Treating all signs and stages of ageing




Good for ages 25+. This comprehensive anti-wrinkle treatment offers a multi-dimensional approach to conquer all types of wrinkles. The skin is left luminous radiant, visibly rejuvenated and glowing with health. A truly unforgettable experience that finishes with a glass of fizz and some taste treats served to you in our Relaxation Suite.
treatment 1 hr 45 mins £99



Good for ages 35+. A deeply relaxing blend of massage techniques combined with renowned anti-ageing products ensuring intensive revitalising results. Immediately the skin appears visibly firer with radiance and shimmering with youth. A truly unforgettable experience that finishes with a glass of fizz and some tasty treats served to you in our Relaxation Suite.

Treatment 1hr 45 mins


Come and visit our brand new ultimate luxury spa and enjoy our exclusive Carita with our therapists trained to worldwide leading standards.

Look and feel great this Christmas.

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Sweet Mince Meat Filo Parcel

@SUITESHOTEL we are all feeling very festive!

We hope everyone is enjoying our FREE MINCE MEAT FILO PARCELS with every COFFEE in our lounge!

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun. With Christmas Advent Calendars being opened (or have already been eaten), decorations going up and lots of great Christmas party events beginning throughout our hotel! This also includes our profound love of mince pies with a whopping 370 million mince pies being purchased from UK Supermarkets every Christmas!


Interestingly enough we all love our small British fruit based mince pies but not many of us actually know much about them! So what is the history behind our beloved festive treats?

Mince Pies are traceable back to the 11th Century. The early mince pie was known by several names including Mutton pie, Shred pie and Christmas pie! Typically its ingredients were a mixture of minced meat, suet, a range of fruits, and spice such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Mixing animal products with fruit and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg became popular in the medieval period , when returning Crusaders introduced new flavours to British kitchens, it was also of course a thrifty way of making a little mince go further. It was also a particular favourite for Henry VII. Mince Pies were a statement of class and hierarchy.


The meat used to fill these comforting pies ranged from rabbit to mutton and everything in-between. However, many 16th century recipes for Neat or Beef tongue. By the mid-Victorian period, meat fillings became less common.  The modern mince pie now consists of no meat just raisins, cherries, candied peels, apricots and currents and spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon is added and alcohol with sugar.


It is a tradition to make a wish before eating a mince pie. Mine would be to have another one!

The popularity of mince-pies is astounding and will fill many of our dinner tables, yet even the best machine-made pies cannot compare with a well-filled hand-made one. @SUITES HOTEL we like to spoil our guests. Ours are not only hand-made with fresh fruit but are also luxurious ‘moneybag’ filo parcels!

mince pie

When you try one of our Sweet Mince Filo Parcels, you will experience a crunchy texture filled with a refreshing burst of fruit and spices.

Come and enjoy a FREE HOMEMADE SWEET MINCE FILO PARCEL with every coffee ordered at our lounge!

Let us know what you thought of your FREE Sweet Mince Filo Parcel @SUITES HOTEL.
What your favourite Mince Pie filling?  What should we blog about next?
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